Garage Services Petrol And Diesel Vehicles

Garage Services

Garage Services

We are the trusted go to garage for auto repairs and servicing.  We have an extensive range of repair and maintenance services these cover both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles including; diesel, petrol and electric/hybrids.

You can not be prosecuted if you are driving to get your vehicle repaired or to a pre-arranged MOT appointment!

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Our extensive range of Garage Services includes:

  • Annual and interim servicing
  • MOT repairs
  • Vehicle health checks
  • Brakes and brake fluid changes
  • Gearbox swaps and gearbox oil change
  • Engine swaps and engine oil change
  • Coolant change
  • Minor welding
  • Exhausts and emissions testing
  • Suspension repairs
  • Tyres and tracking resets
  • Turbo issues
  • Air conditioning regassing and servicing
  • Winter and Summer vehicle checks

Our Service Promise

Injection Development is committed to providing outstanding value and service, in the repair and maintenance of your goods and vehicles, at all times.

You can expect to be treated with respect and understanding by dedicated staff, skilled and trained people, who have acquired a sound knowledge of this business and industry.

 We also take the health and safety of all members of the public, and our staff, extremely seriously.