Common Rail Injector Testing

Common Rail Injector Testing Services

At Injection Development, we have a number of different injector testing systems that allow us to not only meet but exceed your requirements. Our services are offered throughout Kent.

We offer two brands of rail injector testing equipment, these being the Delphi CRi-PC Test Stand and the Bosch EPS 708.

Bosch EPS708

The Bosch EPS 708 is forward-looking and efficient. Features of the Bosch EPS 708 include:

  • Electronic quantity measurement for cost-effective testing of Common Rail components

  • Electronic supply pressure control for pump and lube oil supply

  • Non-polluting cooling system reduces water consumption

  • Reduced noise emissions

  • Superior speed of testing

  • Tests up to 6 injectors at any one time

  • Tests pumps

bosch eps 708

Delphi CRi-PC Test Stand

Hartridge Test Bench

Specification for authorised Delphi Common Rail inspector repairer.

Main Features

  • Manual and automatic operation
  • View and print saved test plans
  • Incorporates semi-automatic injector clamping
  • Measures injector delivery
  • Measures injector coil resistance
  • Measures injector response time
  • Measures backleak flow and temperature


  • Tests up to 4 injectors at any one time
  • Pneumatic clamping
  • Fast diagnosis of faulty injectors

Technical specification

  • Rail pressure control: closed loop control using high pressure pump
  • Injector control: generic current, voltage, and pulse width settings are supplied for existing Delphi products
  • Injector delivery measurement
  • Injector coil resistance measurement
  • Injector response time measurement
  • Back leak flow and temperature measurement

Our Service Promise

Injection Development is committed to providing outstanding value and service, in the repair and maintenance of your goods and vehicles, at all times.

You can expect to be treated with respect and understanding by dedicated staff, skilled and trained people, who have acquired a sound knowledge of this business and industry.

 We also take the health and safety of all members of the public, and our staff, extremely seriously.